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Capturing the Strength of Online Advertising



In today's "wired" marketplace, online advertising and Internet solutions are essential components in a successful, customer-oriented marketing program. Like print Yellow Pages, online advertising is a self-directed medium – one which consumers use with the intent to buy.
  Marquette Group emphasizes a "get local" approach to developing a successful online presence. An overwhelming majority of businesses have a customer base looking for products and services specifically in their local marketplace. By properly establishing a high-profile local presence online, businesses can drive highly qualified, cost-effective sales leads.
  Marquette Group has the tools and the expertise to assist you in the development and execution of a customized online program. We make certain we have a full understanding of, and a clear alignment with, you goals and needs – making these our primary focus as we manage your online advertising. Our turnkey interactive media services and programs are designed to simplify the online advertising processes and extend the reach of your traditional media campaigns, thereby increasing leads and driving traffic to your business.
Strengthen your Online Presence
  For advertisers, the goal is to increase your visibility within the local marketplace by being available to potential customers seeking your products and services.
  Typically, the best online vehicles to "get local" include:
  Search Engine Marketing - Paid Placement
  Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) Placement
  Interactive Data and Listing Management
  When used together, Local Search and IYP advertising are complementary services that maximize your ability to reach qualified buyers in your local marketplace. Internet users tend to be very loyal to either IYP or search engine sites, creating repeat visits. While search engines can provide a greater volume of leads, IYP generates more specific local searches, thus attracting consumers further in the buying cycle.