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Search Engine Marketing

Our turnkey Search Engine Marketing program leverages industry "best practices" to optimize both paid placement and organic positioning. Both are critical to being found as potential customers search for your services.

The national Search Engine marketplace is defined in the graph below:


Local Search campaigns are highly strategic and extremely cost effective in targeting qualified sales leads and delivering them directly to your business information. Local Search provides a lower cost per lead than newspaper, e-mail, radio, or television. In doing so, search engine advertising helps you acquire new customers simply and affordably.

The graphic below illustrates the three main elements of a search engine results page:



Paid Placement on Search Engines

  Move your nationally branded products more effectively through your local sales channels by advertising on high-traffic search engines like Google and Yahoo!. Search engine advertising works. In fact, up to 55% of search engine users click on sponsored links to look for specific products and services before making a purchase (Harris Interactive, February 2006). Marquette Group will find the right mix of Web sites to drive highly qualified, cost-effective sales leads to your site.
  Local Search

Be where they're looking. There are millions of searches being conducted everyday from people who are interested in finding someone who offers what you sell. Some of these people live and work within minutes of your business. The key is being in front of them when that search takes place!

Marquette Group will create a simple, but content rich, presence on the Web for your locations with our Master Business Profile. We'll distribute your business content to the top Internet platforms, and drive consumer traffic to you through paid search. Marquette Group will track and report everything back to you, so you can see your results.

  Search Engine Optimization and Traffic Analysis
  Make sure potential customers find your national brands with a highly optimized site. The interactive team at Marquette Group will work closely with you to ensure that search engine spiders find their way to your site through proper keyword usage, keyword placement, site design attributes and html optimization, customer meta tags, link popularity development and other criteria. Once your site is properly prepared, Marquette Group will gather, analyze and report on increased traffic and return on investment.