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Internet Yellow Pages

Discover more sales leads through Internet Yellow Pages (IYP). They're the same Yellow Pages consumers have known for generations, but they're online, offering convenient look-up functionality and dynamic advertising opportunities. IYP ads include useful information such as business descriptions and business hours, email addresses, maps and directions, and links to business Web sites. Marquette Group develops and manages strategic online bidding, buying and placement based on client goals.

The IYP marketplace continues to evolve rapidly. Many of the leading sites are constantly updating their user experience, improving functionality and adding features. Marquette Group is on the front line of understanding and properly managing this rapidly changing environment. These ongoing changes will impact the strategic direction and ongoing placement of successful IYP campaigns.

The national IYP marketplace is defined in the graph below:

  Sites such as YellowPages.com, Superpages.com and DexKnows.com are the Internet equivalents of print Yellow Pages directories with local ads and listings. Standard advertising placement on Internet Yellow Pages sites includes industry-related headings within a tiered-placement structure and is placed in annual timeframes.
  YellowPages.com is a leading national Internet Yellow Pages and search directory, offering advertisers a chance to expand their business online.
  Superpages.com is the local expert and a top online resource for finding information and insights on businesses and retailers.

With approximately 12 million searches a month. DexKnows is the most used Internet Yellow Pages in its 14 Western Plains state region. Advertising on DexKnows.com provides extensive local marketplace exposure that provides its advertisers highly qualified sales leads.

  Advertising on YellowPages.com and Superpages.com guarantees exposure on affiliate sites, including:
internet sites
  The following image depicts how a YellowPages.com ad filters out to affiliate sites:
Interactive Data Listing and Management

Our Interactive Data Management service is designed to organize and enrich your local merchant content by creating, or enhancing, local merchant listings on sites that power most local merchant search results–sites like Yahoo!, Google, Superpages.com and YellowPages.com.

Marquette Group's monthly data submission ensures consistency of information and protects against third-party data disrupting the accurate content we have established.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

The final important element we provide to you when promoting your business online is up-to-date transparency of your results. Marquette Group makes it simple for you to track the success of your Internet advertising with reports focused exclusively on ROI.

Search Engine Marketing results outline the number of times your Master Business Profile is viewed, number of search engine clicks from both paid and organic placement and the number of phone calls, Web site visits and e-mails generated from your Search Engine Marketing. As you review this information, any click-thru rates that approach or exceed 0.5% should be considered successful. Local Search reporting offers full transparency through providing:

  All keyword activity
  Call tracking
  Website click-thrus
  Mapping and directions
  Profile prints
  Profiles sent to a friend
  Below you will find a sample Local Search report:
montlhy LS report
  Internet Yellow Pages results outline the number of impressions and click-thrus to your Web site and report your click-thru ratio. The average click-thru rate on an IYP ad across all advertisers is approximately 0.35%. As you review your results, please take into consideration that this IYP advertising is also generating inbound phone calls to your business. Recently released research has shown that 81% of all contacts made by IYP users are by phone calls.
iyp reports
Internet Advertising Benefits
  The growth and success of Internet advertising is remarkable, but it is at the individual consumer level where the true value of this advertising is realized. Through well-targeted advertising, marketers more efficiently reach interested consumers and lower their costs. Online advertising also has opened local and national markets to all businesses, both small and large, helping to level the competitive playing field. Online advertising lowers barriers to market entry, allowing businesses to flourish by connecting them to interested customers.