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Yellow Page Solicitation Process

How does Marquette Group determine which dealers to solicit for Yellow Page advertising?

Yellow Page solicitation is driven by the dealer information provided to Marquette Group by your Distributor.

How does Marquette Group determine which telephone directories the dealers should advertise in?

Marquette Group assigns a primary telephone directory to each dealer's file. Directory selection is based on the dealer's zip code and the most widely used directory in that area.

Distributors may also ask Marquette Group to add additional directories to their dealer's file.

How is the advertising ordered?

Marquette Group mails directory order form(s) to the Dealer's Distributor approximately 3 months prior to the first directory due date. (One order form for each directory.)

Each order form contains a list of all of the dealers and their information for each directory listed in their file. Distributors are asked to complete the order form and return it to Marquette Group by a specified date.

What if the Distributor forgets to return the order form?

Marquette Group attempts to reach the Dealer's Distributor by phone, fax or e-mail to remind them that a directory is closing and Marquette Group has not received their completed order form.