Justify a High Efficiency System with Our Savings Calculator


The New HVAC Cost of Operation Calculator
Now Available with Custom Reports!

Ever been in the middle of your sales pitch with a client and thought, "Wouldn't it be great to show the estimated cost of operation and annual savings for different models of Tempstar® HVAC equipment?"

Now you can! 

The online HVAC Cost Savings Calculator is specifically designed to determine the estimated annual cost and the estimated annual savings to operate a Tempstar air conditioner, heat pump, dual fuel or furnace system using simple data and heating and cooling requirements.

This new tool factors regional location, weather data and estimated hours of heating and cooling required. It provides comparisons between higher and lower efficiency equipment — showing the value of a high efficiency investment.


It's Easy to Access the HVAC Cost of Operation Calculator

  • Visit www.GoTempstar.com.
  • Click on Product Information.
  • Then, choose HVAC Equipment Cost of Operation Calculator on the pull-down menu.
  • Or, click here for easy access.


Login and Start Entering Your Data

Login to the Cost Calculator using your email and start entering the data for the type of unit and location.

If you create a unique user ID and password for the Cost Calculator, you can save the following information:

  • brand,
  • your company logo,
  • your address, email and phone number,
  • heating and cooling load hours, and
  • gas or electric rates in your area.


Generate A Custom Microsoft® Excel®1 Report for Your Customer

The Cost Calculator will generate a Microsoft Excel report of the estimated annual operating cost and cost savings for your customer.

You can even customize the report to include your:

  • company logo,
  • address,
  • email, and
  • phone contact information.

Click here and start using the HVAC Cost of Operation Calculator today. It's a great way to educate customers on the annual estimated cost of operation of Tempstar HVAC products so they can make informed buying decisions.

 1 Excel is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.