How Much Do Your Customers Have in the Bank?

"69% of Americans Have 
Less than $1000 in Savings."

A recent survey conducted by revealed this shocking statistic.1 Understanding the finances of the average American is paramount to the success of your business. The absence of a sound financing strategy for your customers may limit you to a mere 31% of the market!

ICP My Learning Center Offers Online Financing Classes

Business Best Practices with Financing – Discover how offering financing options to homeowners can help you with long and short-term business goals. Financing options, plan types, reimbursements and financing math applications are topics explored in detail. 
(Investment: $19.95 - Elite Factory Hours: .5)

Using Financing as a Sales Tool – Integrating financing into the sales presentation is a sound strategy. Proper integration outcomes include improved mix, higher volume, loyal customers and accessory sales improvement. 
(Investment: $19.95 - Elite Factory Hours: .5)

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